June 25, 2015

Su & Ash Djellaba and Kurta

At Su & Ash, we want our Djellaba or Jubah to be fun, colourful and comfortable.  They must never be too traditional and boring..READ MORE View full article →
April 02, 2015

Su & Ash’s Mega Mendung

I have always admired how Indonesians are proud of their batik. 

They wear batik not just on special occasions but also on daily basis. READ MORE

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March 16, 2015

Batik for “Power Breakfast” and Business Meetings.

I have been asked many times – where are the batik dresses and batik designs for ladies?  I told them soon. 

Since most of my friends are career women, I have decided to come out with something that they can wear to the office and also on weekends. READ MORE

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February 08, 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Many of my Chinese friends asked me to come up with something special for them to wear for the coming Chinese New Year celebrations.  They wanted something “fresh”.

I told them… BATIK with lots of red. READ MORE View full article →
January 19, 2015

Finally, it is here.

Finally, today, Jan 19, 2015, we managed to get our contemporary designs ready for you to enjoy. The recent floods in many states in Malaysia and the rainy season slowed down our production.  

Our batik suppliers were affected by the floods resulting in us having to find alternative suppliers in a short period of time to meet our internal deadlines without compromising on quality. Batik must be painted and dried when it is sunny. READ MORE

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December 11, 2014


Batik and more…

During the days of my grandparents, batik was used extensively by people of different walks of life in Malaysia, Indonesia and many other regions in Asia and Africa.

The fishermen in the east and west coast of Malaysia wore batik.  The enterprising business ladies of Kelantan, who owned many small, medium and big businesses wore batik.  The beautiful ladies of the Baba Nyonya community in Melaka wore colourful batik sarong kebaya every day. READ MORE

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