Su & Ash’s Mega Mendung

I have always admired how Indonesians are proud of their batik. 


They wear batik not just on special occasions but also on daily basis. 


Of the many batik designs that can be found in Indonesia, I love the abstract designs of Mega Mendung, a form of batik that is believed to originate from the region of Cirebon in West Java, Indonesia.


Based on old records the design is believed to be a result of acculturation with the arrival of Chinese traders to the Cirebon region in the 16th century. 


Malaysian Rizalman Ibrahim, has produce beautiful dresses using the Mega Mendung motifs, many years ago.


I like the designs and have always wanted to wear a Mega Mendung batik shirt -- and the designs must be on linen. 


Since I was not able to find one on linen, I have asked by business partner Asyraf Amir (Ash) to design an outstanding piece. 


And for my nephew’s wedding recently, we wore our version of a more simplified Mega Mendung, hand painted on linen.

And the Su & Ash version of Mega Mendung is also a thank you gesture to our friends in Indonesia.




-Suhaimi Sulaiman